Toolpath finished notification / buzzer

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of laser engraving on the Onefinity. With the stereo in the workshop on, I couldn’t hear when the laser finished. So, after measuring the output voltage from the breakout box, (3.3 vdc) I bought a cheap buzzer off Amazon, and hooked it up to the breakout box. I hooked the Red wire on the buzzer to pin 1, the Black to pin 7. Then on the touchscreen I went into I/O Configuration and under Outputs I set Loads 1 and 2 to lo-hi. ( I did both because I’d like to add a flashing light sometime) Next I went into the Setting section, and under Gcode program end I put the code in to fire the output. ( see picture for code) I got the code from here…/tool-enable-m15…/720/96 post #95.(thank you to the author(s)) The buzzer turns on ( M8) for 0.125 sec (G4 P.125 -pause/dwell) then off, (M8.1) and then repeats once. The buzzer is kinda annoying, so I shortened it to 0.125 sec. I’m not a programmer or anything, I just figured this out from searching the Onefinity forums, so if you’ve got questions hopefully I can answer them. These are the buzzers I used:…/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02…


Awesome little tweak, Paul… very useful and kudos for stepping outside your comfort zone and giving something new a try.

Nice Job!! :beers:

-Alex :+1:

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Thanks ! Many years ago I was into electronics, but the programming / coding part was never my “thing”. Lol.


Great post. Love the idea.
I would also like to enable the buzzer when

  • a tool change occurs
  • when you get prompted to click continue when you have 2 toolpaths using the same bit.
    Any idea where I would need to add the code for that?
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Hey Stephane,

into the ‘tool-change’ field in the General Configuration Tab, as described here


Thank you !
Thank you for answering that question, I had no idea.