Turning off, then on, during a job (quick reply please)

Hi All
I started a 7 hour job and now I have to leave soon before the job is done.
If I stop the job and turn off the unit, when I return and turn the unit back on and then continue the job will the OF know to spin up the spindle first before continuing?

Pause and leave the controller on… Shut off the spindle and vac

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Assuming I shut the spindle off from the VFD. When I turn the VFD back on does the spindle spin back up to the RPM’s it was at when I turned the VFD off?

If you power off the VFD, no the Onefinity controller will not start the spindle back up when you resume.

Damn. Gotta go now with 50 minutes left. Think I’ll just let it run. It’s in final stage so chips are just dust.

I’ve seen this question asked on facebook, and the result was a faint line upon restart (at the resume point). Some experienced replies stated that stopping the spindle, allows cooling, and movement, and can affect tolerances - they suggested to pause but leave the spindle on, at a safe height, to maintain temp.


I ended up letting the job go and complete on its own knowing the spindle would automatically shut off and the controllers would not be running hot.