Types of cut with the makita router

will the makita router do both climb and conventional cut. thanks

Yep, easily. Experiment with both in different types of wood and grain direction to see what works best.


thanks one more question if you will, I had it set for climb, Iā€™m a total newbee, if i try conventional do i change the starting point, ex. lower left corner vs lower right. thanks

No changes in setup are needed. If you see excessive tearout you may try the opposite setting. As a newbie it is unlikely to be a tremendous factor to worry about much out the gate, so just try both and see the difference but dont dwell on it.


alright thank you very much

@bkwoood, very very generally, climb cutting will be good for a bunch of reasons with your cnc, unless you have a reason to do conventional when you learn more.

By hand, unless you absolutely have to, and do it very careful, do not do a climb cut with a hand held or table based router. I bring this up because I see many new to both cnc and woodworking. If one starts with cnc and gets more into other tools, some things translate well and some do not. This is one that does not translate well. By hand this is a dangerous cut because it will pull the wood into the bit, along with maybe your hands, as well as fling it across the room, and maybe into you.

There are a bunch of good YouTube videos on climb and conventional cutting that explain advantages and which situations to use each.

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