Wood Grain Cutting Choice

I have been running PINE as my primary wood until I get use to my !F. I would assume running the bit with the grain on the roughing pass and the finish would be the best choice. Your thoughts Please… Thanks

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I have found up vs down cut bit and climb vs conventional cutting to make the largest difference in the quality of the cut, I generally use conventional for hogging out material and climb cutting for the finish pass.

If you don’t mind tool changes - an upcut bit with conventional cutting for clearing operations provides better chip evacuation and speed followed by a downcut bit with climb cutting for a finish path will produce the best results on the walls of the cut.


Thanks that will work for me.

Daniel - grain direction doesn’t really matter too much, and it’s really hard to control. But you definitely want to climb cut when you can. Down cut end mills make a nice surface finish; up cut end mills clear material better. Hope that helps.


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I’m doing the same LONG project twice. Just finished the second one going with the grain. I"m using a 1/16 TBN on both after roughing. Roughing was done against the grain. Anyway I find that going with the grain on the finish left lots of long fibers still attached in the nooks and crannies. With pine I’ll go with cutting across the grain rather than with it. Thanks for your reply.

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For newbies like me this is information is as good as gold! Thank you.