UI Tweak for Files dropdown (Solved - added in firmware 1.0.5)

Would be nice if the dropdown by default was as wide as the filename. I typically name my files descriptive with the bit to be used to reduce my chances of messing it up. Right now it looks to only display 20 characters until you hit the arrow to drop down. Seems to be plenty of whitespace to the right that could be utilized. For these tool paths a clearing bit was used and I add the “-25em” or “-125em” to the end.



Second this. My file names include all sort of stuff like bit size, feed rate, and DOC as well as the name of the project. Limiting the list width to 20 characters is a non-starter for me. I will only see the project name and maybe part of the bit size if I’m lucky.

And I’ll ask again @OnefinityCNC - what is the best way to make feature requests short of issuing a defect report on Git?

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This is the best way. On the forum, in this thread, ‘features request’.

I think you’ll both like the next update :stuck_out_tongue:


Added in the latest firmware!