Notes section per uploaded file

Add a notes section that can be edited for each file that’s uploaded to the Onefinity. This would be nice to have bit and material size so you can replicate a job easier. Also it would be nice to be able to edit the file names after they are uploaded.

You can add notes to a gcode file as comments. Will this suffice?

Alternatively hold a note elsewhere, so on your phone.

I prefer not to keep gcode but keep the original gcode generating program file. In my case vectric or f360 and regenerate the gcode. My gcode files are transitory things.

If i’m good i keep a text note on what i did and what id do better next time: like a school lab book - but im not very good at it.

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It would be great if the post processor put tool name and notes as comments in the GCODE.

I think I read somewhere that you can customise the post processor to do this, but would be great if it was an OOTB capability.