Unable to read file - doesn't appear to be GCode

After updating Vcarve Pro to version 11.503, I am seeing this error when loading Gcode files:

{“message”:“Unable to read file - doesn’t appear to be GCode.”,“code”:400}

Some Forum posts suggest the Post Processor is wrong. I don’t think that changed with the update. All these .crv files worked OK for me before updating Vcarve. Using Notepad++, the .ngc files look like good Gcode to me. Any suggestions on what to look at would be deeply appreciated.

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How about an answer Onefinity, having the same issue. Updated to 1.1.1 last week everything worked ok. This morning it wont read the G Code. FOR ANYTHING.
Can you get this fixed please.
Before you blame it on something else. NOTHING HAS CHANGED ON MY END or V Carves end.
It worked on Friday Sat Sun Mon. But not today.

Email support vs ragging here. Frustrating yes but this is not support.

That said… Post a file here and maybe someone can help with specifics… Both these posts don’t provide enough detail.

I use vcarve… Have not updated to the 11.503 version yet… Use 1.1.1 firmware without issue using previous gcode and newly created gcode.


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Here is a file that will not load:

Barn+Text_2-All_Text_V_Bit_60.ngc (39.7 KB)

you have special characters in the file name, remove them (like + - and _ )


I renamed the file and it now loads. That appears to be the problem. Thank you.


I’ve been using underscores in my filenames for two years! It’s going to be a headache to change my naming conventions

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I believe the +is the true culprit as _ is a common pattern for me too