Unique lid for bowl

I needed a unique lid for a red cedar bowl I turned and this is what I came up with. Two sided carve out of Yellowheart. .40 thick total, 60° V for the edge of the spirals, and a 1/4" compression EM for everything else. Kinda reminds me of an old electric stove heating element.

Plus it was good practice with the new VCarve v12 update.



Very nice, well done.

Hi Pony, that looks interesting and unique! I’ve done a few bowls in methods similar to your lid. Eventually I figured out how to do them with a one sided carve, which made it much more interesting. Perhaps the reason for a 2 sided carve is to put in alignment/attachment features like pins or dowels. I replaced this approach by carving shallow recesses in the lower pieces that the upper pieces fit into. This might not meet your needs, but thought I was worth a mention.


Very nice!
The reason for the 2 sided carve is that the spirals and circles are cut from 1 piece. I wanted the spirals to look separate from the circles which meant that I had to carve the bottom of them also. This gives them a unique look. Just like your bowels, if they were 1 piece, you would have to do a 2 sided carve.

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Hi Pony
In order for the layers to overlap with this design, they are cut from 2 pieces. Next time I will take advantage of this fact and use different wood species, resulting in alternating colours. Earlier, I made a fruit bowl from one piece (not my design) and used a 2 sided carve to locate dowels. It could be a one sided carve with aligning recesses, which would avoid the 2 sided setup.

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Nice design.
Try some Walnut, Purpleheart and Yellowheart.