User defined EZ BUTTON settings

Hoping to create a little buzz with this so that Masso begins to considering allowing owner defined perimeters to apply to the ez button product. Seems like there are enough users out there to justify this. As an example of what I am looking for. I would like to program Masso to go to my tool setter and measure the bit WITHOUT having to home machine. This way I can just press a button and move on!
Easy peasy!

Wouldn’t you want to home first? Or are you saying that EVERY time you measure the tool the machine homes first, even if it’s already been homed?

Or are you saying that you just one button that does both with just one button press?

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On the initial homing and depth measurement, yes. But I would like to be able to change the tool and confirm that it has been through the tool center. After a couple of posts on Facebook got to the point where I have the parking button. The homing button with tool sensor and then the home function so I can send The spindle back to the home area without having to go through it and waiting for it to slowly move. I moved my tool setter to within 8 inches of the home function. So now all I need to do is move it over change the tool and hithome setting to check the tool height. Just a little bit better than what I had.