Using Easel Pro

Ok I’ve been using Easel Pro and have a few older designs on there that I use a lot, when I go to the machine section and change the settings to Other (GRBL) and other for the model when it goes to save it when I hit advanced then generate a gcode then I hit export gcode it asks how do i want to open this .nc file? now I’m lost were do I save it too? I have estcalm but it wont recognize the file? any help is appreciated ty I’m missing a step or need another software program somewhere I believe?

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I use Easel Pro 95% of the time for my designs, you need to click the "advanced tab

Then: Generate Gcode

Then just Hit the Export GCode button and save it to either a flash drive or a network drive which then on OneFinity you can open the file and hit print. Make sure you Probe Zero before you “Play” as the code that Easel Pro generates will not trigger the probing. You can add code to the file if you’d like to have it probe first but that’s a different discussion if your interested

Hope that helps!


Thanks I’ll give it a try

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@jbirch - .nc is simply the file extension. It could be .txt or anything. ‘nc’ is simply convention from way back in the Window 3.1 days (yes, I remember those days). It is still a text file full of gcode - you can validate it by opening with a text editor. Upload the file to the controller and it should be able to cut it. Alternatively, you can install Camotics, and visualize the file on your computer before sending to the controller.


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TY I believe I have it figured out

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How did you figure it out. I just got my OF and I’m struggling with easel as well. Any words of experience would be appreciated. Did you go wifi or Ethernet ?

You can either save the file to a flash stick and insert into the OF, or you can connect a computer directly with an ethernet cable to the ethernet on the OF, put the computer and OF on the same Network and connect both via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or a combination of both.

There are a ton of options, search the forum for WiFi or Network to get more details.