V-carve question (simple)

I’m using Fusion right now but I’m planning on going to V-Carve Pro. I’m manually controlling my spindle with the control panel and at the end of the cut the spindle is returned to the home position. I was going to connect the VFD to the controller with the breakout board to shut the spindle off. But I ended up just making a switch connected to a relay that shuts off the VFD and dust collector when the 1F reaches the Y axis home position.

Does V-Carve also return the 1F to the Home position at the end of a cut? Or would I have to add code to the end of program to make it happen?

It will return to the zero position of your workpiece when the carve has been completed.

Zero position will not work.

You could modify the post processor file to add a return to the physical (as opposed to the relative) home position at the end of a job. If your programming skills allow for it.

The down side is that Vectric will not support it.

I guess I could have been more specific. I can always manually add the G53 command (return to home). I haven’t used V-Carve yet but plan on purchasing it in the near future. I have used Carbide Create and it doesn’t use the G53 command (return to home) so I had add it manually. Does V-Carve automatically add the G53 command at the end of the program? If not is there an option with V-Carve So it will add it? Or will I just have to always manually edit the G-code and add it myself.

Why do you want it to return to home and not xy?

My spindle, dust collector, and water pump are all controlled through SSR’s. When the carve is finished with Fusion I have a switch set up that once the Y axis reaches the home position it’ll turn them off.