Vacuum tables and Pumps

Hi everyone,
I need help. I am building a vacuum table and have just acquired a Vacuum Pump.
This pump needs a cable to be to be wired in, I can see terminals marked U1, V1 and W1 on one side and U2, V2 and W2 on the other side. Where do I connect my Brown, Blue and Earth wires here in the UK. The Pump is 240V single phase.

Hope someone can help

Hey Eugene,

I would say if it has u,v,w connectors it is a three-phase device. U,V,W are standard names for this. Do you have a photo and/or a model name?

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Definitely single phase.

Hey Eugene,

on the type plate, it says “EN 60034 3…” and then “Motor”. Between them is the reflection from your flash light. What is the sign between the “3” and “Motor”?

Do I see this right, on U1 there are two wires?

If yes, then it could be a capacitor start motor. Is there a capacitor somewhere?

~ I hope that doesn’t mean 3 phase as the advertisement said single phase

Hey Eugene,

“3~” says three phase, that is commonly used to determinate a three-phase motor.

But it could be a capacitor motor. This would mean, this is an induction motor like the three phase motors and it has no carbon-brush commutator like the commutated series-wound motor has, but would run on single phase current.

Where do the blue and brown wires on the left go?

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Yes there is a capacitor

The blue and brown wires go to the capacitor

Hey Eugene,

and except capacitor wires, are there some wires that goes to the outside?

No wires go to the outside

I assume there’s no wiring diagram on the underside of the cover. Otherwise I would ask the seller to provide one. The number on the motor (EN 60034 3) looks like it’s an industrial standard for a 3 phase motor. Do you have a picture of the whole motor? If it’s 3 phase it’s not going to have capacitors for starting and running.

the motor is the same as the one in this video iTECH Universal Vacuum Table Kit for CNC Router | Scott+Sargeant UK

Hey Eugene,

do I see this right, on U1 there are two wires, the red and the yellow put together?

you can see the white wire coming out of the pump in the video,i’m not sure about the red and yellow wires i don’t think they are together

I mean here, are there a yellow and a red wire together on the U1 contact, or is there another contact row below for the red?

I would not be able to confirm until tomorrow but it does look like the two are together on the same connector.

I have just been up to my shed to check and yes the yellow and red are connected together

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Hey Eugene,

@Dr-Al is right, a three-phase motor has no capacitor if it is made for running on three-phase current. But Induction motors can have a capacitor, and the reason is that the capacitor creates a helper phase in order to be able to run the motor on single-phase current.

Of these types of capacitor motors, there can be those with three windings which are normally used on three-phase current, and the cheaper with two windings that are exclusively made for use with a capacitor.

They are wired like this:


Source: PieterJanR, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Source: Jo frgmnt Grys, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Which means, you would connect your N wire from your single-phase power to the U1/W2 contact and for the L wire, you have to try. Motor could run in wrong direction.

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Hey Eugene

this the one to connect to “N” of a power cable you want to attach. The other goes to one of the remaining two.

Was this far away your shed, to run to?