VCarve Pro - 33"x33" Wasteboard System w/2"oc Holes for T-Nuts

Hey everyone!

Learning a new CNC system as well as new programs can be fun and frustrating all at the same time for people just getting into the exciting world of CNC.

I figured I would post a link to the VCarve files in my Etsy store which I created for my wasteboard, locating stop blocks and cam clamps for my 1FW in order to offer a ready made solution to anyone who would like it.

The screw holes and counter bores will work for 1/4"-20 and M6x1 screws, washers and T-Nuts. All holes and the alignment grid on the top are 2" on center. Slotted stop block works great at the odd positions and angles sometimes needed.


Decided to modify my locating block to have a larger hole for eyeballing the stock corner for setting X and Y Zero along with adding in a key for 6" and 12" modular fence pieces.

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