Vcarve Pro to Aspire

OK all you aspire users here is a question I want to do a simple thing but vcarve pro will not let me I would have to have aspire to do it. If it was done in aspire and saved could I open the resulting item in vcarve pro? if so, would any of you like to take it on as a project/ favor/ gig? thanks for considering this:)
I do not have the 2 grand to just do one tiny thing.

Not what you want to hear, I am sure, but to upgrade from Vcarve pro to Aspire means paying the $1300 difference - not the full $2k price tag.

A slight description of what you want to accomplish might help one considering it.

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I am trying to “distort” a piece of clipart I want to make a decoratve border follow a curved handle.

Hey Scott, hey all,

as far as I read the specs, Vectric Aspire differs from Vectric Vcarve Pro just by the 3D creating and editing tools. But you could do that with another tool (and use VCarve or another CAM software like FreeCAD Workbench just for importing the 3D model and export it as a g-code toolpath). The free and open 3D editing software Blender (Blender homepage) is excellent and very developed nowadays with many tools.

c’t Magazin, 23/2019, S. 144ff: Blender-Workshop, Teil 2

Is this the type of distorting you want to do? Distort Selected Objects - Vectric Customer

If so, you can do it with Vcarve.

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