VCarve v12 freezing

I’m curious if anyone else is having graphics problems in 2D or program freezes in v12?

I’m having problems in 2 different laptops (both more than capable for CAD).

This has been turned into Vectric

Someone please try this to see if it happens to you too.

Make a new file
Zoom all the way in on the blank file at the center line and try to lay a drafting line to it.
My computers both freeze when I try to grab a drafting line from the ruler.

This also happens on existing older files for me, especially if I have saved them in v12.


Just did it both X and Y with no problem. Vcarve Pro Version 12.007.
Running on an Intel I9-12900 CPU and NVIDIA 3080 GPU.

Thanks for the feedback

I had no problems till the v12 update
If I use v11.5 I have no problems.
Vectric hasn’t been able to have the problem either.

Tested in safe mode today
i7 octa core worked fine
i5 quad core had same problems which is strange


Vectric has figured it out. They’re pretty sharp cookies!

It has to do with text size and screen resolution. Due to eye damage, I have to have a large text size (I usually run 175% text size at native resolution on my monitors).

If I lower my text size to 100%, then I have no problems in VCarve with the freezing problem. But I can’t hardly see text at that size, so by lowering my resolution (I think I went to 1440x900), this effectively increases the text size and doesn’t seem to cause any problems in VCarve.

They said there’ll probably be a fix in a future update.

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