V carve desktop

I have v carve desktop for my cad program, do I have to upgrade to “pro” for one infinity to work?

No it should work with all versions, make sure you have the right Post Processor installed to get it to work with the OF.


So the 25x25 limit does not effect operations?

Vcarve Desktop can only produce a carving of 24"x24". You have to upgrade to Vcarve Pro to create a carving bigger than 24X24.

Thanks. I will be able to carve anything under the 25x25 . I wlll upgrade to the pro but will have desktop to begin carving with the one infinity . Thanks ken

I believe you can upgrade through Vectric and only pay the difference between Desktop and Pro.

Thanks for your help. This forum is new for me as I am probabily one of the type who started with big black phone and hitting the correct buttons in facebook is a trip! Will keep working it out thanks for your patience. You have a great product and great support team. Looking forward to getting the one infinity as i am an old woodworker with hand tools etc