Table mill on the one finity

Hi everyone I’m new to this forum I recently received my one finity CNC and I’m running V carve desktop edition I’m trying to mill my table flat which is 32 1/4 X 32 1/4 and V carve is telling me it can’t do any bigger than 25 by 25 so I have to use tiling and I cannot figure out how to do the 4 sections Of the table it’s only doing one section

The 25x25 is the limit of Vcarve Desktop. Vcarve Pro will allow you to go as big as you want. Vectric will allow you to upgrade from Desktop to Pro for the difference between the two. If you want to stick with Desktop there is no reason to make a spoilboard greater than 25x25.

I think you can do it, but not with traditional tiling where you would move the work piece between tiles. Here is an approach I think should work. Make your file 1/2 the size of the board in each direction (16 1/8) then zero at the bottom left - run the file. zero at the middle left - run that, zero at the bottom middle -run that and finally zero at the center and run that. I don’t know for sure that would work, but unless you need the pro version right now for any other reason it could be worth a try.

Some folks use (free) Carbide Create just to surface for this reason.

hey Dave thanks for the info… I wished I would have known that before I purchased it because I just bought the program yesterday there will be times when I have to go bigger than 25x25 my cut capacity is 32x32 so I like to have access to the whole cut surface

thanks Chuck that’s exactly what I did

My $.02, I too have Vcarve Desktop so when working beyond it’s 25 inch limit I use Fusion 360 which is free for hobbyiests. VDesktop can be upgraded by paying only the difference between it and pro so that may be an option for us in the future.

thanks for your $.02 lol