VCarve Desktop or Pro

I’m trying to decide between the versions. Is there a feasible workaround for the size limit of the desktop version?

Not really. The restriction with V-Carve Desktop is the 24 x 24" cutting area. However, you can exceed this by making use of the ‘tiling’ feature.

V-Carve Pro does not have any restrictions so you would be able to carve up to the maximum size that the 1F allows and you can always again use the ‘tiling’ feature with this version as well.

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The desktop version is limited to 24x24. I have the desktop version and have made larger pieces using the tiling feature. If most of your pieces fit in the 24x24 limit and only occasionally are larger then I suggest the desktop version. There is no penalty for upgrading to Pro later, you only pay the difference. If I was making projects that were regularly larger than the 24x24 limit then it would be worth the upgrade to Pro. So yes there is a workaround, it is the tiling feature in the desktop version.

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I decided to just buy the Pro version. I’m spending north of $2700 on a CNC. it doesn’t make sense to handicap the system with software just to save $325. I’m sure it will pay off. I hope.


You will not be disappointed. I made the leap to VCarve Pro then after a couple years moved to Aspire to simplify 3D models.