CAD Software Cutting Area

Which CAD Program(s) has no cutting size limitations and allows for full use of Onefinity cutting area?.

Vcarve Pro and Aspire have no restrictions.

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Fusion 360 has no limits on cutting area. Some of the Vectric software requires tiling.

Carveco Maker …

I didn’t even know this was a thing, every CAD / Motion software I’ve used has user-defined cutting areas (F360, CarbideCreate, FreeCAM). Is there something you’re using now, which enforces restrictions?

Vectric Vcarve Pro and Aspire do not have limits.

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Easel by Inventables

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Vectric Vcarve Desktop enforces a max size of 24"x 24"

VCarve Desktop Product Page | Vectric


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Thanks, I’m looking at VCarve Desktop and CarveCo