Vcarve Desktop questions

I live essentially off grid with no phone or internet at my house. My question is if I download Vcarve Desktop will I be able to create custom 2.5d and things like custom wood mounding. I plan on making custom cabinets for camper vans and custom mounding for restoring antiques. I plan on creating all this of course while being offline. I will import pictures I take with phone to trace the vectors will the Desktop version work? Thanks for any guidance and help.

You can create custom molding profiles in VCarve Desktop up to it’s 25" x 25" size limit. You will need VCarve Pro to cut files over 25" on either X/Y axis.

You can use your photo to create the profile as you say and drive the profile around your rail path using the molding toolpath. Your Clipart section has an assortment of molding profiles already made/available in the software.

This can all be done offline from the internet. You can download the free trial of VCarve to see if it will work for you. It can pretty much do everything except generate the gcode of files you make.