Vetrics update for 11.5

i don’t know how many of you are using vcarve pro but there is an update from them fixing a nymber of issues i have seen talked about on this forum here is a list of what they fixed.

11.506 and here is the link as well. i hope this helps someone.

Vectric Documentation

Fix crash in V-Carving toolpath

Fix issue applying ramps when tabs are present in Profiling Toolpath

Fix issue importing STLs with open faces


Fix ramps cutting deeper in the corners in Profile Toolpath

Fix relief artifacts when zoomed out

Fix STL importing issue

Fix circle form handling of comma

Fix Arc form not updating handles on apply

Fix Laser Fill incorrect Z start position

Fix ordering issue with the sheet list

Fix number of decimals in inch/mm in circle form

Fix translation issues

Fix rotary inverse time calculation with zero move in Roughing Toolpath

Fix issue with some DXF circles being polygonised

Fix Plate Production minor ui issue in some cases


Fix issue changing the flip direction in two-sided projects

Fix Surface Pro Tablet and touch screen handling in the 3D View

Fix printing 3D view with background image not respecting the option

Fix circle form updating of diameter/radius image

Fix home Z gap scaling in mm/inch jobs

Fix material misalignment when switching sides in a two-sided job

Fix a profile toolpath offsetting issue

Improvement to management, setup and display of custom variables in the tool database. A dropdown is presented to select preentered values for a variable. Existing variables will be displayed in the dialog to save on re-typing them again. Undefined custom variables will not be displayed in the tool name if they exist in the tool name template.

Fix some issues reading SVG files

Fix toolpath preview image saving as white in some cases

Fix excessive rapid moves in 3D Finishing toolpaths in some cases


Fix issue with importing .obj files from paths including multi-byte characters

Fix G93 inverse time calculation

Fix issue with undercuts not being displayed in the Import Model form

Fix issue with live preview being active when adjusting level’s base height

Fix non-driver crashes during rendering

Fallback mode for crashes in the graphics driver

Diagnostics improvements


Fix Moulding Toolpath sharp corner offsetting issue.

Update the simulation model in-between toolpaths when animation is switched off.

Fix ramped cut-through not showing up in the simulation as a cut-through.