Version 1.3 challenge (not solved)

Scenario: I am running a carve and I forget to include tabs. I stop the operation, modify the g code, reload and restart the carve. I do not reboot the controller. On the restart the REMAINING time and ETA are blank on the monitor. They are perfectly ok on the remote web interface. All goes well and the carve completes ok.
FYI, if i reboot the controller and run the carve, all is ok.
Why am I losing the information from the monitor?

Because the remote view and the local head view are two separate instances. Just click the ‘refresh’ button on the local head and it will update.

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Thanks, what/where is the “refresh” button on the local monitor display

it’s google chrome, so the same refresh button (circle arrow)

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Ah… got it, thanks​:+1::grinning:

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Problem back again. The challenge is the local monitor screen appears to be locked. The refresh button (or anything else for that matter) doesn’t respond. The CNC keeps running ok and I can control everything from the remote screen. It just seems like the local monitor locks up. If I reboot the CNC the local monitor is useable again.

After about 20 minutes of continuing to run the carve with the remote screen, suddenly the local monitor came up with a blank screen saying “Aw Snap, something went wrong” or similar and there was a reload button, pressed that and the local monitor rebooted into action. It appears the “Aw Snap” error message is a chrome error.

If you have a remote session open, then that’s what you need to use. If you do not, then use the screen. Don’t use both.

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Ok, I understand but I am using the remote only because the local locks up. I am not using “both” to control the CNC concurrently.

Hey Avbates,

also this has nothing to do with the monitor or touch display. If the User Interface freezes, that runs on the internal Raspberry Pi and inside a chromium browser that is shown on the display, the monitor can’t do anything about it :slight_smile:! Not at all, really!