Flashing Monitor while running a carve file

X-35 Woodworker // Firmware: 1.0.7 // Controller wants to upgrade to 1.2.1 // V-Carve Pro 11.504 // Feeding controlled with the thumb drive.

Got my 1F about two years ago, with 1.0.7 preloaded. Controller, Monitor (1F supplied), LED light, and Router have been plugged into the same powerstrip ever since. About three months ago, I noticed the monitor flickering while running a file. The particular file I was running involved a 3/4" bowl bit and a piece of red oak. I figured I was being over zealous with my Feeds & Speeds resulting in a vibration thing somewhere between the router, controller, and the monitor. The monitor was mounted on the 1F supplied swing-arm attached to the left side of the machine with the controller attached to the underside of the QCW table. I took the opportunity to build a cabinet to house all the electronics on rubber wheels with the controller also sitting on a rubber isolation pad figuring this would adequately prevent any vibration from getting to the electronics. About 2-months ago, I added a Wi-Fi Camera.

The flickering has persisted at a totally random pace. Sometimes it’s a real challenge if I find it necessary to pause the cut.

I’ve intentionally avoided updating the firmware since the machine physically cuts beautifully and, unless I screw up the toolpath, without error. I’ve been watching all the chatter about the issues with the later versions of the firmware and wanted to wait until things had a chance to calm down before upgrading/updating.


This sounds like the monitor’s cable plugs are getting glitchy. If the carves are unaffected during operation while the monitor flickers you may have a degraded terminal connection on one of the monitor to controller cable ends. It has happened to me a couple of times where I simply unplug then re-plug each monitor cable. I do this at both the monitor and the controller. Of course I also make sure the controller power is off.

I’ve also noticed that I sometime experience periods when I can’t manually interrupt a carve with pause or stop on the monitor from time to time. Each time I do the replug routine and that goes away too.

Hadn’t thought of that, probably over-thinking it. I’ll give it a try. Thank you!