Very LARGE sign

So, I have been asked to make a very large sign. To the tune of 10ft x 6ft. It will need to be done in tiles, obviously. It is also pretty much all 3D. Just a little vcarve. I am probably going to use Ash wood and will be gluing together 5"x 24" boards to make up my tiles. Once all tiles are completed, piecing the final project together. I am looking for tips and advuce on this huge undertaking. Thanks guys and gals!

I would make sure that the tiles fit together properly before carving. If one panel is out of square, it can make it very difficult to assemble properly.

You could make panels instead, because it is easier to feed a panel through with multiple stops that individual tiles. It could be done with just three panels, and they would be easier to join together.


I was intending to square and flatten everything prior to machining. I have a right angle stop on my table that was made on the machine, so it is square to the machine. I realize i need to make sure all pieces are square and the same thickness for the best results. I think my table being zero is also best. This is going to be a very big job. Its almost $1000 in just wood. Not to mention time and finishing.

Does it make sense to prototype it on foam or pine

I agree with poppyscott. Especially with a 3D Carve, using the tile method could create several issues with the start and stop method. Cutting each tile would be my preferred method as well.

Two 10ft x 3ft tiles is probably the only way I’d ever consider this on any Onefinity.

Project is dead. Customer didnt like the price…lol.

So long as your price was reasonable for you, move on and be content you didn’t drop it. You don’t want a customer who’s going to give you a hard time and try to haggle the price every single time they come back.

I’ve gotten the “my neighbor told me…” a few times and that’s a few too many. My response is, “that’s great, ask your neighbor when he can do the job for you.”

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I feel my price was reasonable. I wont lower it. I did however, give the customer a cheaper option. That he also said was too expensive. I simply told him i hoped i could be of assistance in the future. I am not going to beg for work and i am not going to do it for free.

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The only thing you get by bending over backwards is a broken back. :+1:t3:

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So I have come up with a mutually agreeable sign design. One that is in the customers budget and one that I can still turn a reasonable profit on. The sign will be 120" x 80" and pretty much just v-carved. Should be a fun project!

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