Vortex Rotary on Elite

Has anyone installed the Vortex Rotary from Scienci on an Elite machine?

Probably like quite a few other Elite owners, I have a spare Masso closed loop stepper after retrofitting the Z axis with the brake version. It would be cool if the Vortex could be retrofitted with this spare motor. IIRC, the shaft on the Masso stepper has a larger shaft so I started to look into a different GT2 pulley to fit. That’s as far as I got with the Vortex before shifting to other priorities but would be interested in hearing if others have taken this farther.

Are you currently running the Vortex on your Onefinity Elite?

I haven’t taken it this far (to be candid, my Elite is still enqueued) but with the extra stepper, I would expect only to need a spindle, scroll chuck of choice (or 3/4 pawl manual) and a set of pillow blocks. This is my plan at least. Once the platform is populated with a CNC I will post back with incremental results. Generally I would expect the spindle center to be on the spoil-board plane, which will make a live-center on the other side much easier to make coaxial, while still having pseudo ways like a lathe.
Regardless I don’t intend on the rotary being integral.