Water cooled spindle options

Folks, today I learned I purchased the wrong sized water cooled spindle, got 80mm, should have 65mm. Checking on Amazon, I can’t seem to find an option that is available.

I really want to move up from my Makita to a water cooled spindle, for a few reasons, but mostly sound… so I’m on a mission to find one, and I assume many of you are like me and when you get laser focused on something, it’s difficult to let go :wink:

  1. Does anyone know of an available option for a water cooled spindle that will work with the Onefinity?
  2. Aside from the 65mm spindle size are there any other restraints or requirements I need to pay attention to?

Many thanks folks,

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Onefinity is going to have an 80mm Mount available soon…

Rick, is there a advantage to having an 80mm spindle? Being heavier can the Onefinity work with it?

2.2hp, wider range of collet sizes. Ben Meyers is beta testing one currently, search for that.

there are few of the water cooled spindles on Ali Express. here is the link if you need it;