Web Interface vs Panel are Different

I just upgraded the firmware on my machine to the 1.1.1. I logged into the console via a web browser over WIFI ( from my lap top. I loaded a job via the browser from my lap top after Probing XYZ from the monitor of the CNC machine. Notice the difference in the Toolpath. On the monitor you see it says toolpath is “Under” for X and Y but everything looks great from the lap top. I have never noticed this behavior before. They were always (from what I remember) in sync.


Lap Top Monitor

Normal, they are never in sync as they are technically separate instances of the interface.

Interesting, that makes sense technically. I was curious because when I load a new file via my lap top, the interface on the monitor flashes and then shows that same file that I just loaded via the laptop so it seemed they were somewhat in sync. Also, any movements I do via the lap top also show on the monitor simulateously as if I was doing them directly from the monitor. I guess I have never noticed a time they were not in sync…I will pay closer attention.