Websites that convert photos to stl files

Hi everyone. I’m looking for any recommendations for a website that will convert a photo into a stl file. My beloved dog is getting on in years, and I wanted to make a 3D carving from a picture of her.

I understand that Aspire or Fusion can do this, but I don’t think I’d use either of them enough to justify buying them. I think I’d only convert a few files.

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s not easy in either of them as far as click click done.

I have been playing around with gimp. Haven’t had a great deal of easy success, but i have been able to do some things that show promise, and i just need to keep playing with it to find the magic formula

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Not easy. i’ve looked at this from a number of perspectives and have had varying degrees of sucess. Do a bit of googling on the following topics, there is a lot out there.

  1. photogrametrey: involves taking lots of photos around a subject and using free software to convert those photos to a mesh and then adjusting that mesh in something like Blender3d (also free) and then save the model as a stl

  2. modelling the subject in the photo in something like blender3d or other 3d modelling tool (i have a perpetual ZBrush licence and that is great for sculpting then converting to a Bas Relief). Takes training and skill.

  3. outlining, creating a sketch, of the subject in a photo in something like Fusion 360 , it has a free version that many CNC owners use. Then extrude and model that sketch in F360. If you are after something like a bas relief rather than a full 3d model then you can get a reasonable effect with some effort and artistic licence.

I havent tried the following, mainly because i like the challenge of doing it myself, but i have been tempted.
4) pay someone to create the 3d model for you. They’ll probably require a number of pictures.

I dont have a laser, but i believe you can readily go from photo to laser picture. It is not carving a relief though, more a photo in another medium.

Other forum members maybe able to offer you something specific advice or a modelling service (i wish i had the talent to model)

Good luck, please keep us updated .


Try MonsterMash:

Turn 2D Images into 3D Objects with Monster Mash! (Free Web Tool) - YouTube. Still some effort but interesting.


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There’s exactly one way to do it well. Hire a 3D artist to create a model.

There’s no “conversion” process that’s going to take a regular photo and give you a decent model for carving. A rough approximation of volume for texture-mapping, sure, but not something for a realistic-looking carve.

If you want to capture in 3D right from the start, you can look at specialty cameras with Lidar, etc… But it’ll be cheaper just to hire someone who models 3D fulltime.

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hi i had a similar problem then i found a guy on facebook marketpace that does this kind of thing quckly an not expensive his name is Trey Wheatley. check him out i think you will like him tell him i sent you.

good luck on yur carving adventure.



Thanks for the replies. I’m not looking to do it myself. I’ll give Trey Wheatley a shot.

I think will be just a matter time befoe AI can do the prelimunar modelling for us from an image…

…for example, this looks promising, may be limted to human shaped models


You could 3d scan your dog. The mesh is tricky to manipulate, but it is doable.

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