What is the perfect height for cnc table?

What would be the perfect height for a cnc table ? Will be putting 3” caster wheels on the bottom.

It will depend slightly on your personal height but most workbench standards should apply.

Mine is at 35". I am fortunate that mine doesn’t live on wheels.

Mine is at 34" and works for me. Long ago when I first started woodworking I made everything the height of my table saw since I was limited on space, the assembly table was also the stock cart, infeed table, outfeed table… Just stuck with it in the larger shop as well. With the Onefinity (Journeyman) I can load a 4x8 foot sheet of plywood and sill use my existing tables to support the part hanging out the back or front as I tile the job.

I made mine tall, 42" maybe? I’d have to check. I like it. Makes it easier to get under the router to change bits, etc. Leaves more room under the table for stuff.


Lower than you would expect. You’ll want to reach anywhere on the table without too much effort. If you can access all 4 sides then you can make it higher. I think mine is at 32" but I can only access the front and one side easily.

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So I ended up going 40” tall with the caster wheels , ran out of time to finish the top today but so far it looks like this…will add MDF top and bottom.


So got the machine setup but need better wire management any suggestions?

Still need to do my spoil board waiting on my bits but have the MDF ready when it shows up.

Would a drag chain be worth investing in?

I’ve got mine bolted to the 2nd half of a 4x8 table next to my workstation so I definitely had to go with drag chain. My crazy setup got threatened the moment the X-axis cable snagged on a leg of the metal shelf I have living over the workstation next to the cnc. X-axis cable pulled out, but not before trying to drag that shelf with it.

Y2 cable was the first victim of cable management issues. It got itself accidentally severed a few weeks back because the operator forgot that the cable was running along the underside of the front edge of the table when some clamps were applied.

I’d definitely say go for it. I picked up a couple 3’ lengths of 18/50 from Amazon for next to nothing and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Thanks for the info. Will the router cable go in the drag chain?

It definitely can if you want it to. The alternative for that, if you’re indeed sticking with the trim router, is splicing-in a coiled cable similar to the Z-axis cable (again, Amazon). But, hey, if you’re going for the drag chain upgrade, might as well stuff the router cable in there too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not to sound dumb but when you say 18/50 what do you mean ? I’m all new to this CNC stuff

That’s a good question. It’s the dimensions of the chain in millimeters, 18mm high x 50mm wide or, as I’d like to call it, sufficiently huge to accommodate current and future cable / water lines.

BTW, since referencing water lines, if you do ever consider a spindle upgrade, I highly recommend a water-cooled spindle. They are, by far, much quieter than air-cooled, can be operated longer and at lower speeds and don’t blow the chips around like air-cooled does. I’ve read that they last longer, too, due to inherently running cooler.

There’s also a free-to-download 3d print project for the drag chain mounting brackets. They’re designed for slightly smaller chain but designer notes that they may also work for other sizes. Between that and youtube, you can’t miss on getting that sorted.