Suggested table/stand height

I’m in the process of designing my 1F table, and I have a question for those of you who have already built one. What is a comfortable height for the machine to be mounted off the floor? Too high, and it will be hard to reach over to the back corner. Too low, and you have to bend over to mount and clamp material. Has anyone “wished they had made it a different height” and what would that be? I’m 5’7" tall, BTW. I was thinking about keeping it on the shorter side, like 27-28" or so.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Allen - I have mine at standard desk height - 28". Works for me (I’m 5’6" ish).


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Hi Allen,
I have my 1F on a table with locking wheels and I made the top of the spoilboard at 37". I am 6’4". I spend most of the time on a workshop stool that works out great on the height of the table and it is not too high for me. Have fun.


I’m also looking at my design options and, because my shop is very small, I would like to fit cabinets.
I am now wondering whether to place the cabinet below or over the OF. Cabinets below would put the OF at bench height, cabinet above would put it low (presumably in an enclosure).

Any views/suggestions? This will be my first CNC so I have no personal experience to rely on. In most videos, people place their CNC at bench height but they don’t have cabinets around, suggesting a larger shop than mine.

Thanks for any input :slightly_smiling_face:


Table height is relative depending on a persons height, leg length vs upper body length, etc. A good rule of thumb is to make the table crotch to waist height. It is often the most comfortable. Being a taller person I often have to modify tables, cabinets, etc and in all searching this rule has always worked for me. All my workshop tables, tool box tables, etc are at this height and have worked well. I usually make my height 36" which falls in the range mentioned but I’m 6’8" tall.

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