Toolbox as base. Too High?


I am finishing up my torsion box for the 1F base. It will end up being about 4’ x 4’ x 6".

I have been going back and forth on building and enclosure or just a base.

I also need a tool box and I remember seeing on one of these threads where someone did that.

I was thinking of using this tool box as the front half of a base and building another section on the back (also supported). HF tool box

This thing is 40" tall. With my base, that’s about 46". I am 5’ 8" tall.

Just holding a tape measure at that height I can see that it would be difficult to “work” at that height. However, it looks like it would be bad for simply aligning / clamping to a table. Plus, I have lots of milk crates laying around.

I also need a toolbox as mine has become overcrowed to the point of the drawers not being able to close so the added storage space would be a plus.

Yes, I thought about making my own and customizing the drawers. But simply am short on time and I think it might end up being cheaper this way.

I did also find this link which is interesting and my help others. Affordable Aluminum Extrusion Cabinets

Hi Ziggy - I think 46" is fairly tall, but not too bad - that is about where one of my 3d printers is. It’s nice to have things around eye level but it makes reaching anything in the back very difficult. On the flip side, by CNC is desk height at 28". It’s really too low to work comfortably without kneeling or using a chair, but fortunately I only time I’m futzing with the machine is while positioning material, switching bits, and vacuuming. That height is really good for vacuuming the back corners though :slight_smile: Work bench height around 32-36" is likely optimal for most regular use.




Thanks! That height is the only thing that worries me. I have a HF coupon to get that box for $450… which sounds like a lot for HF tools. But it gets fairly good reviews.

Still on the fence about buying or building… Sigh.

I bought and intend to use a 46" wide 9 draw Husky toolbox from HD. Sorry, the link I had wasn’t accepted. Maybe you can save a few bucks and still get the job done. My plan is to add a shelf for the electronics lower than the tabletop height to the left side of the toolbox. Using a temp set up rigtht now with a sawhorse holding up the unsupported back of the MDF tabletop. The HD description is: Husky 46 in. W 9-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench in Gloss Black with Hardwood Top

Thanks! I was definitely looking at that toolbox as well. In fact, I was there yesterday.

I am still working on the layout of the wasteboard / torsion box so I have a little time.

As of last night I was back to the idea of making my own base. I went back to that website listed above and found that their extruded aluminum was WAY cheaper than 80/20.

The only reason I am shying away from wood is because it is just too hard to find decent lumber around here… plus the cost has gone up so much… plus my CNC will be in the same garage where I park my car so it won’t be as easy to keep a constant temp/humidity.

personally i think that is a bit to high. I’m 6’3" i put my table right at 35inch was able to fit a 14 gal wet/dry vac inside the table. But i built most my tables in my garage to be 35 inch. I went by my table saw height.

I am one step closer.

I found these on clearance at Lowes for $119 so I bought two. Without the wheels they are 29" tall which lets me build the rest to a reasonable height.

I was expecting these to be really cheap but I am quite pleased with the quality.

I’ll post a couple of pictures from Fusion once I get the plans finalized.