Work Bench Height

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on the forum and like a lot of people I’m trying to get things ready for when my machine arrives in July. My first job like many is to build myself a new work bench and I’m going with something that’s 8’x4’ with a sheet of Melamine MDF for the bench top.

My question is what height should I make it and I understand that people are different in heights but what do you all recommend based on your height and would you change your own bench height if you could.


Dave, I too thought about how high t make my bench. Since I have a full shop I wanted to maximize my space. My workbench top is 42" off of the floor and I have casters under each corner. With the space under the top I have room for other tools and a couple of cupboards for storage. For me this will work, it actually frees up more space in my shop. Will it work, I don’t know until I get my machine next week and get it set up.
Once it is up and running I will have a better idea but I’m happy with how it has allowed me to use the space under the bench.


Being 5’6" I think I’m going to go with 36"or 900mm where I come from !

My plan is to build the frame similar to the one in the picture below, but have draws, cupboards, Vacuum and power ports on 3 sides similar to the one on YouTube ultimate Workbench… “”,

This will give me a 4’x4’ print for the !F and 4’x4’work area at the side with the bench on these to give mobility when needed , but stable when in use.


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