What PC for turkey calls

Hey I’m new to the forum. I’ve been making turkey calls with a wood lathe for several years now and have been looking into getting a CNC for that reason. I’ve been looking at onefinity elite woodworker and the CAMaster stinger 1 and trying to decide. Several things I’m trying to figure out to help with my decision, so I will just ask one question at a time. The first question is that the stinger 1 is a turnkey setup which looks very nice but I go back and forth with the onefinity because I think I can save a couple thousand dollars once I get the machine and the pc needed.

So the question is what pc and software do y’all think I will need for turkey calls?

Side note the stinger 1 pc comes with windows 10 pro and preloaded with WinCNC and Vectric’s VCarve Pro design software.

Hey Clay,

you are talking about turkey calls, which are rather small wooden instruments?

Do you plan to do other things with a CNC? I ask this because you would need a rather small machine for making such instruments. What size of devices do you make? And if you say you used a lathe, could you show what they look like?

The two machines you mention can’t really compare. The CAMaster Stingers are professional machine with a welded steel base, limit sensors, and a lot of professional accessories and upgrades available, like servos motors, spindles, vacuum table, etc.

What size and what extras would you choose on the Stinger I? And what would they take for it?

The Onefinity machines, both Standard and Elite, have standalone CNC Controllers. You don’t need a PC and no software to run these machines. That applies to the Stinger machines too.

What you need is a CAD/CAM software to design your 3D models and export them as g-code toolpaths. For this you need any PC or laptop with enough RAM and graphics capabilities to work on 3D models. The g-code program is then exported, loaded into the CNC machine and executed.

I just read that the Stinger I comes with the Vectric Pro Software. You can put this software into your Onefinity basket too to compare the overall price.

Welcome to the forum!


The stinger 1 will run close to $9k.
Size is 2’x3’. The turkey call is close to 3 7/8” round. From what I can tell I wouldn’t need any extras for the stinger 1 to begin making turkey calls. It looks like I can unbox it and begin making.

What laptop then would have enough RAM to design the 3D model?

Sorry if I sound dumb about this. Im not an expert on computers and things like that but I’m not foreign to them just some of the lingo that goes with it I don’t understand.

Hey Clay,

by coincidence, I just answered to the same question this morning, see here

You would not forcibly want a laptop, often a desktop PC has better performance for the price and servicing in case of defects or upgrading is much easier

I would not consider a computer with less than 16 GB RAM as really usable for graphical desktop applications.

But of course this is not the right forum for this, as which computer to choose, new or used, and which operationg system to run, is a very vast field.

Hey Clay,

thanks for showing! Yes they are rather small.

A CNC is an extremely versatile machine. Do you consider using it to create other things as well?

Thank you for your answers!
More than likely I’m sure I will find something else to make with the CNC. But the main purpose is for turkey calls. I need it for the consistency on the inside measurements to produce the same sound needed. Plus speed up production. Usually takes me around 35 to 40 minutes to turn a call on a wood lathe.

Hey Clay,

I compared the Onefinity CNC to other machines, mainly with those available where I live (e.g. these and these) as that saves on shipping costs, and it took a lot of time because many details, especially technical, are relevant, and not all information can be found on the first click, so I don’t consider myself able at the moment to judge on the Stinger machine as I didn’t know it, but to really make a decision it is often necessary to judge on the technical details, which means first learn to know the differences between technical solutions, and to also read or watch tests and reviews. Do you think you made enough research?

Another thing is do you already worked with CAD/CAM software? If not, it takes some time if you’re new to be able to master it to be able to create your 3D objects. Usually for a beginner there is enough time while learning to come to the decision on which machine to buy.

Also many people buy a cheap machine first and sell it later and buy another one when they have the experience to exactly know what they need.

I have spoke to two different call makers. One uses the stinger 1 and is very happy with it. The other uses the onefinity and is also very happy with it. The guy with the onefinity built his on PC for designing his calls and uses Carveco Maker software. But to answer your question I feel that I have done a lot of research which has led me to my original question.

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Hey Clay,

a PC with at least 16 GB Ram and the Vectric Pro Software is surely suitable to do serious 3D work for exporting it as g-code toolpath. Once you bought it, Vectric Software allows lifelong offline use.

There are many people here that use Fusion360 instead, that is rather different, and which comes from the AutoDesk company, but it is based on a subscription model and people criticize that it is complicated to learn and then they change everything too often so that some tutorials don’t match anymore. There is a free hobbyist version of it but since you sell your turkey calls I assume, you would need to pay subscriptions for using Fusion360.

You could also begin with FreeCAD which is completely free and open, but Vectric Pro is really state of the art and worth the money, most people say.

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PS: I found these links in another answer from the other day:


@Aiph5u @Clay

I prefer Vectric, but it’s worth adding one small caveat. While Vectric software does allow for lifelong use, this only applies to the current version and minor updates (e.g., 11.4 → 11.5). New major versions (e.g., 11.5 → 12.0) still require an upgrade fee every few years, should you want the latest and greatest features.


Hey Matticustard,

thank you for this hint.

And while we’re at it, so that all aspects are mentioned…

I use the Onefinity Journeymen X50 w/ Carveco Maker Plus. I use a desktop gaming PC for Carveco. I also have used a Lenovo laptop. I find it to be more than sufficient for my needs. I have made turkey calls as well and we have been very pleased with our setup.

Thanks for the help. I spoke with our local tech guy. He has a refurbished pc comes with everything I will need to get started. He is also throwing in a screen for me. $500 sounds like a good deal to me from what I e researched.