WiFi Network connection

Do I need a physical connection (an Ethernet cable) between my home router and my control box in order to use my network ?.

No, it has Wi-Fi too, although not very good being it is in a metal box. I added a USB Wi-Fi dongle I had which also provided an external antenna and it has been fine.

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Like Atroz said, the onboard wifi is horrendous, being that is in a metal box. Some perspective, My wifi throughput (throughput is the local area network speeds as opposed to the internet speeds provided by your ISP) is 1gbps. If my devices are not getting 1gbps, it is either a signal issue, or a the device itself is not capable of achieving speeds higher then what they are getting through the wifi chip…

That said, I plugged in the controller, in the same room no more then 10 feet away from my wifi access point, and the i couldn’t get speeds higher then 1mbps. I could barely access the page through my desktop, through the network. When I placed the controller in the garage, it was taking like 1-2 minutes for the page to load. I personally just ran a ethernet cable, as it was easy enough to do for me.

Adding a wifi dongle seemed to work for Atroz, which is good to hear. So long as you can make a solid connection, the interface over a network works very well. I personally upload all the code to the controller from my desktop in my living room. Then walk over to the machine and home it through my phone, and hit play from my phone.

edit: Its a raspberry Pi, if you are comfortable you can solder a new antenna to the raspberry pi. This guy did it on video.

You might be able to use something like this too. Although I can’t say for sure it will work, unless someone else used something like that and can confirm, you might be the guinea pig.

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Just a thanks for your help the other day. All connection problems are fixed and I my ID is on the screen. Made my first carve today, everything went the way it should. Thanks again

Hey Atroz, thanks for your help the other day. All is well I’m glad to say. I’m connected and carving.
Onefinity support had me up and running after a few back and forth emails. I’m new to all this so you’ll probably see my posts the forum, theres so much to learn. Thanks again

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I added the wifi dongle to my 1F and it works great when the controller sees it first, but sometimes it still seems to favor the onboard one. I can tell by which IP it shows (I use a reservation). Is there a way to disable the on board wifi so it always defaults to the dongle?

The easiest way to do this would to SSH into the controller, and disable wlan0. That is the in-built wifi.
Your wifi dongle should show up as wlan1 or something similar.

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

That will disable the internal wifi, but after each boot it will be re-enabled. Not sure how to make this permanent. I’m sure there is a way to repeat this at each boot, but I don’t the best way to go about doing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also try raspi-config and see if you can disable wlan0 permanently.

If your laptop/desktop has an ethernet port (RJ45) you can directly plug in the controller to your workstation and head over to the webUI.

You’ll still be able to access your wifi network (and the internet) but you will be hardwired to the machine.

I will try that, I have bitvise on my workstation, so should be ezpz. Thanks

I found this solution to make it permanent,

but while I know ssh is a thing and you use putty for it, based on a Google search i did, I’m not sure how to do it in this situation. You have any pointers?

I’ll have to look into this a bit later on… have my finals this and next week.
If you manage to get this working, let us know!