Wire to magnet part of touch probe broke

Any suggestions on a fix? I can still use it but it’s a pain in the ass…

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Probe replacement

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I believe we should be able to repair most things (or I could be cheap :blush:)

It’s a 3d printed part. If you have a 3d printer is cut it open and try to replicate.

Attach to a crocodile clip rather than a magnet and clip to shank

Solder wire to a small piece of iron, attach to magnet, make a small housing from hardwood.


You’re not being cheap…$92 USD for new one lol

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Magnetic Ground Connector with wire and Banana Plug - the wire is $12.


I am wrong…did not realize I could just order the wire and magnet.

Thank you OF!

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You can order replacement wires through 1F. (nowhere near $92).
Or fix it yourself. I have done both. While my self repair may not be pretty, it works.
First thing I did was there was some epoxy/cement of some kind around the magnet tip. I used a box cutter to remove as much of that as I could. I then placed a punch on the magnet and punched it out. ( Towards where the wire would be connected) Inside there is a spring. This is what the wire is soldered to because magnets and heat from soldering don’t play nice. Sol solder to the spring. When put back together I globbed some 5 minute epoxy on both ends. Wipe it off the tip of the magnet. Seems to be working fine. This is what I did. I don’t claim to be right. Just what I did. I have a purchased replacement cord in the drawer for immediate backup if this fails.


Mine broke a few weeks ago. I stripped 1/4" off the end and duct tape it to the collet nut. Works fine. Eventually I’ll solder it to a magnet. There are a ton of ways to keep it going.


Good see some members in the club I joined; the “bish-bash-bosh does the job” club.:grin:


My solution to avoid the wire of the probe tip breaking: Coil the wire where it comes out of the probe time 2-3 times, then hot-glue the coiled wire to the probe tip, apply hot glue generously. This is a hacky strain relief that works well for me.

I feel that this is a lack of design in the original probe tip assembly: There is need for a better strain relief for the wire as it is handled regularly, like a phone charging cable (i.e. it doesn’t just stay in place after being connected once).


Ate you using spindle or makita router?