Wiring the 220 spindle coolant pump?

I purchased a 220 volt spindle and they sent a 220 volt pump with it. Can I wire in the pump in the same location as spindle in the vfd so it comes on at the same time. If so will it control speed of pump as the spindle Rpm changes? I’m sure it is not that simple. I just would like the pump to run when spindle does .

NO you can’t. Use an SSR

In my case I used the multi-output of HY Huanyang VFD as input voltage when I use the spindle.

HY Huanyang VFD have an internal circuit and configurable option that can be use to control external device like IOT or SSR.

You can refer to my post in the forum for more information about wiring. Ref ( https://forum.onefinitycnc.com/…/information-to…/2647… ).

Wiring needed (refer to the diagram)

  • Connect HY pin +24v to HY pin FB
  • Connect HY pin FC to + connector of your IOT
  • Connect HY pin DCM to – connector of your IOT

Configure VFD (tell the vfd to trigger multi-output when spindle run)

  • PD052 SET 2 SET [DEFINE Multi-Output 3(FA, FB, FC function)]
  • PD053 SET 1 SET [DEFINE Multi-Output 4 (KA, KB function)]

Other reference for ssr but use differente pinout. ( How to use an SSR (Solid State Relay) )

Thank you for your complete response. im guesing an IOT and an SSR are same thing. the fact that i am 220 volts for spindle and the coolant pump.
you really are something to hhave taken the time with this .
Thank you,
I do not have a 3d printer was wondering if you did the printing as well. if so please let me know the costs involved.

Sorry I don’t have printed version. The ssr act as a switch on the high voltage side. The low voltage side is trigger by the vfd.

You can buy ssr that have kind of a small case like this one and just wire your pump on one side (split only one cable of the 220v power cord).


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I have the same 220 pump here is what i did. I used a siemens 33RT2015-1BB42 contactor with a 24vdc coil which is operated by the VFD’s on board relay. I followed the Post from Ghislain B. I mouned a 220V outlet on the side of my enclosure ( the contactor sends power to that outlet) Note: I had to cut the Huanyang 2 prong cord cap off and replaced it with a regular 220v cord cap.

Here is a look inside

You are light years ahead of me.
That is a beautiful looking power solution.

Thanks David, But, its the safest way to control a 220v outlets for the water pump. I turn the VFD on and when the spindle reaches anything over 8000 RPM the water pump turns on with the cooling fans for the electrical cabinet, I don’t have to remember to turn the water pump on.

Here is the overall view.


Looks fantastic. Love the red. I see your 90 degree fence ,is it screwed in place?

Ya, I screwed it into the spoil board, it makes is easy to place other boards with out having to XY when running multiple parts.

I’m really impressed with your setup. I too have a 220V spindle & pump. I’m struggling with how to implement the eStop. Curious how you dealt with throwing both phases of the 220 and shutting down the 120V CNC motor system at the same time. Maybe @blaghislain has some insight on this also?

Perry, can you also tell me what diameter dust hose you have and where you got it?

Hello Bryan, I used a 3-pole contact with 24-volt coil which is controled by my stop start switch.
here is a parts list of my system.
parts for CNC.pdf (243.6 KB)

I have an old computer case that I mounted solid state relays inside that feed outlets on the side of the case. I have a small control panel with switches on it to turn on the relays (water pump, dust collector, and VFD). When the 1F controller sends the command to turn off the spindle it also turns off select relays to shut off the water pump and dust collector.

@PAB Hi Perry, very nice setup. Do you happen to have a wiring diagram? Is that an EMI filter that you have beside the VFD? I notice you have two sets of the the 5A fuses. Are you protecting the Meanwell power supply (presumably used to drive the fans?) with one and the pump outlet with the other?