Woodworker and J-Tech laser

As I start with the J-Tech on my Woodworker, does any one have what the MAX travel speed while lasering is? I don’t want to overextend the woodworker. I have been trying to look through other posts and may have missed it.

I wouldn’t mind knowing this as well… so giving this a bump

@Lance249 according to the user manual the X and Y axis “rapid rate” is 500 in/min. It doesn’t necessarily state that is a limit, but that is the only speed listed. Maybe @OnefinityCNC could verify? I am curious too know as I just got the 24w and am trying to figure our the best way to maximize the increase in power. If I can go up to 500 in/min while engraving that could be a huge time saver.

You could set it to 1 million, but it will never go faster than the max travel of the machine, 398IPM.

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@OnefinityCNC Thank You!!

I guess I’m going to see what 120-240 looks like on the 24w laser

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