Working Wireless MPG Pendant

Here is a video of my Elite Foreman with a wireless pendant.

Here is a link to the pendant. You need the 24v receiver, I contacted them directly for the purchase to make sure I got the correct receiver.

Here is a link to the wiring diagram

This this is pretty sweet and no stupid wire to get in my way.


Looks pretty good. It is a bit pricey, though. Guess I’ll have to wear my current pendant out before I upgrade.

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They make other models at different prices with different features and quality, I just want people to know that there are better option than just the wired version.

it must be a 24v volt version, most are 5v, so be aware.

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it clearly states that in the original post.

Here is a link to the pendant You need the 24v receiver, I contacted them directly for the purchase to make sure I got the correct receiver.

it’s worth mentioning twice, as 1 out of 2 buyers get the 5v :slight_smile:

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The smoke is an included feature to let you know you purchased the wrong one.


I should mention that the newest version of the receiver that comes with it is 5v-24v compatible.

There was is a jumper you move to select the pulse voltage. You can see it in this picture.

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@buzzfab What type of batteries does the wireless MPG use? Thanks for sharing all the details for your setup.
Nicely done.

@BManCan 2AA batteries

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@buzzfab what is the reason for wiring the input buttons using a pull up resistor? When you configure the input on the Masso does it end up being inverted (low when button pressed). Thx.

You need to wire it to ve+ for pull-up or ve- for pull down.
If it isn’t it will be a floating input and could flicker back and forth between HIGH and LOW

here is s short explaination video

more info from masso here

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I am following on this and contacted the company and got the same MPG and gathered all of the other things I need. I traced the leads on the DB15 so I know which color wire goes with each pin. Long story short - it doesn’t work. Here’s what happens, hopefully someone has some ideas as I am out of them:

I’ve verified all of the connections. When I turn on the MASSO, the LED on the MPG receiver lights up. When I click one of the 2 buttons on the side of the handpiece, I hear a click from the receiver. In Screen 1 on the MASSO, all of the MPG inputs show as LOW(and No in the invert column). When I depress the side button and turn the MPG wheel, I see the Dual Signal - A and Dual Signal - B indicators flicker from LOW to HIGH (green and red) but nothing happens on the machine (and I tested this on Input screen. The MASSO documentation (in the troubleshooting section) describes this flickering as normal: MPG Pendant

I do not see any of the selected inputs on the handpiece go high on the F1 screen - the axis selects do not go high when I turn the knobs on the handpiece nor does the selected resolution show high. All of the inputs show LOW.

When I turn one of the input knobs, I do see the LED on the receiver flicker so that tells me the wireless connection between the handpiece and receiver is working. Even if I got one or several of the connections on the DB-15 wrong, the actual input should show high but I don’t see anything go high. There should always be one resolution select and one resolution select high.

The one difference in my connections is I did not connect the earth wire. I contacted the company and asked about this and a tech replied saying that it is not necessary.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I should also add that after moving the black wire from Estop 2 to Estop 1 on the controller as described, I can not clear the estop. Most likely this is related to the input issue I am trying to resolve in the last post. So, temporarily, I have both the black and green wires connected to the default factory at Estop 2 terminal.

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Found the problems!

For the inputs not working - turns out that the COM1 that provides V+ (terminal 1 on the receiver) to all of the selection inputs was not attached to the PWR terminal well (the insulation was, well, insulating the connection). That fixed that problem.

Then for the E-stop, close scrutiny of my wiring chart showed me that I connected the E-stop wire incorrectly. I had them connected to terminal 15 (black wire, correct) and 16 (red wire, incorrect!) it should be connected to terminal 18. Both E-stop buttons work properly now.


I am trying to order the wireless pendent. I’ve specified the voltage for power is 24 volts. The technician has asked what the pulse voltage is. I said 24 volts as well. Tech came back and said they have supplied several of these for Onefinity systems and they configure the pulse voltage as 5 volts. The wiring diagram references 5v as I have circled.

Can someone confirm the PULSE voltage is 24 Volts? Thanks.

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As long as they provide the newer version of the wireless receiver as shown in previous post, it is configurable for 5V or 24V pulse voltage.
Working Wireless MPG Pendant - #8 by buzzfab

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Thanks. It sounds like I will want to set the jumper to support 24v pulse voltage.

I’m getting an unexpected homing sequence when I initially do an e-stop reset. I have a pull-up resistor wired to input 18 which I have set to “home machine” on the F1 screen and where I have a wire which goes to the input of the first button which I am using for “home”.

Seems like putting a pull-up on an input which is designated to home the machine is an issue.

Does anyone else experience this behavior?

It works fine for me.