Workshop Temperature affecting Laser operation?

It’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside so maybe 90 in my shop. I’m having trouble with my laser not firing when it’s that hot in here. It works ok in the morning when cooler. Today I left both the Onefinity and Jtech controllers powered down between 6am and 6pm. When I tried it just now, instead of m3 s30 I had to go to m3 s255 to get it to fire. A file that ran fine this morning runs with the laser firing intermittently at low power without making any marks on the plywood workpiece.

Is anyone else running their laser in a similar environment, without problems?

I’m running it just fine In 115f

Thank you. Grasping at straws at this stage.

Contact JTechphotonics. I’m going to do the same. Just switched to 7w yesterday from a 2.8w and on diagonal lines its jagged. However it’s been hot here for about a month and haven’t had an issue like yours, even with the smaller driver/controller on the 2.8w

I made contact. Quick response. Another driver and cable on the way to see if that solves it.

Replacement driver solved it.