Worth the Price? / Rotary Axis Setup

Oh, that’s awesome. Do you have a link for the rotary? Did you have to do any configuration in the controller for it?

I am using this one. But I’m sure you could use most any of them as long as you wire it up correctly. And yeah I had to go into the controller and change a few things but I have two configurations saved in there. One for when I use the rotary (A axis enabled for M1 and Y2 disabled) and the other is the standard configuration. I just unhook my rotary wire from the controller move it out of the way and plug the two Y axis cables into the controller and load the stock configuration when I want to use the machine standard. Also you will have to add a couple lines of code to the vectric post processor if you use vectric for this. I did that but then I switched to lightburn. If you decide to go with one I can show you some pics of that I set my settings to in the controller and stuff. It’s really pretty simple but this isn’t true rotary as it doesn’t compensate for changes in the diameter of the object and stuff which someone pointed out in the forum before. But this is fine for what I use it for on the tumblers.


Hi @rblur01, I’d be very interested in a few pics of how you set it up as I’m not the handiest of crafts people, so a guide would really help out. Thanks. Adam

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I’d really like to see how you set the rotary up, especially the controller changes needed.

Let me see if i can do a small write up for both of you on how i set it up.


Here is a small write up with pictures, if anything doesn’t make sense or you need anymore help you can ask me here or shoot me an email at rogwhs09@gmail.com Hopefully the write up makes sense I was trying to write it up with my almost 2 year old running around with me lol. But it really isn’t too difficult I think trying to write out the process may make it seem more difficult than it actually is. A video would probably have been better but I don’t think I could have made it as fast. Also, keep in mind I didn’t really mention using the rotary in this just kind of the setup process.


For me, the only way it made sense is to produce items which are both carved with the CNC and then burned with the laser. I will often do ornate v carve lettering and then burn out the carvings to outline them and add finer detail. I was doing this with my old CNC and a stand alone burner, but they just weren’t tuned exactly the same, so larger projects were definitely not spot on between the carving and the burning. Using the same tram of the CNC for both processes takes care of the issue completely and, with Vectrics Laser Module, the CNC sees the laser as a tool change.

Using the laser add on as a standalone laser doesn’t make sense to me since there are other, cheaper options. The real power is combining the two processes into one project with no alignment issues.

This great and thanks for sharing here, I just ordered the Rotary kit your link sent me to, I am hoping if there are any questions I might be able to ask, like will a one inch square lasered will it measure a 1 in sq.? or will there be need for more tweaks , I guess I am asking how are your projects coming out, TY ahead of time…

Sure I will try my best to answer any questions. I have been helping @adamsaciuk set his up, mine isn’t set up on the Onefinity at the moment I’ve been using it in a CO2 laser lately. But he might could check and see about the 1in square for you. I’m pretty sure when I was using lightburn and set my diameter in the software correctly and set my controller settings to 360 steps it would travel the distance I wanted. But given I didn’t really laser a 1x1 inch box and then measure that. I just set up my designs in the software to be on both sides of a cup and it would engrave on both sides even or at least by eye they looked even.

That sounds great and exactly what I’m looking for now ty

Hi Roger,
Wondering what these couple of lines that need changing will be, thank you sir

Here’s the original PP:
Onefinity Laser (MM).pp (4.9 KB)

Here’s the one that I edited:
Onefinity Laser ROTARY (MM) .pp (5.0 KB)

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TY Roger, kit arrived today will wire it up and give it a try tomorrow, Prayerfully… I might need a little help, hopefully not but…


awesome work Roger!!! At least now I know it can be done. Thanks for sharing. I want a little rotary for the laser so I’m thinking I could use your hookup instructions for a similar install down the road.

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Yeah it may not be exactly the same like the wiring from the motor but it will be very similar.

If anyone wants to carve with the rotary attached here is a post processor for vcarve Onefinity ROTARY (MM).pp (5.0 KB)

Here’s a test piece I carved with it: Post up them projects - #421 by rblur01


Roger, carving with the rotary, do we still make the changes in the motor settings?

Yes changing the motor settings is to be able to use the rotary for movement instead of the Y axis of the machine


As usual sir thank you

Thanks for posting this Roger, I have been wanting a 4-axis rotary since I bought the Onefinity and had given up hope that an upgrade would be made available.

I used your guide and post processor and was able to setup the rotary without any problems at all. Now I just need to think through the best way to modify my workbench to allow larger rotary carves!