Endurance vs J Tech

Newbie here looking for some guidance.

I have been looking into getting a laser and stumbled across the endurance lasers. Seems they provide a little more power if willing to pony up a little more money. Looking at the 20W dual-beam laser basically two 10w lasers. questions

Anybody seen these mounted and or can they be easily mounted to the onefinity

Pro CON welcome on this vs the Jtech. just seems like more power and could get similar results a low powered Co2 laser like the glow forge

thanks in advance

Checking back in. No opinions on the endurance laser and if set up is feasible. I do not have a 3D printer. I know JTech is the laser of choice but the endurance lasers look interesting and especially since you can get increased power out of the dual lasers.

I have been looking into this as well. I was looking at the single 10W. They (support for Endurance lasers) told me it would work BUT did not provide any links or point me to anything helpful. I think it ended up getting a generic answer. you know YES we work with ALL CNC kinda thing. I was thinking about putting it on my laser master 2. my OF had to move to basement. bought laser master 2 I run that in my garage (smell) not willing to run a laser in my basement.

This is getting hard for me to pass down. I found postprocessers for endurance lasers for v carve. I want to put on a laser but $700 for a 7W or $550-$600 for a 10w.

Thanks for the reply. That is kind of what I was expecting from Endurance. Yes it will work but no real proof or providing the HOW. I am going to keep looking and might just get the laser and work to make it work… scary though to spend that kind of money and not know exactly where you are going.