X-35 Woodworker for sale

For sale is a barely used Woodworker X-35 with the Onefinity controller, 8" hi-def touch display and Stiffy (3rd rail).

Also included are:

-Onefinity wireless joystick
-Suck it dust boot pro
-Two Moose Design Recommended Bit Set (minus the downcut 2 flute spiral 1/8)
-Makita router
-1/8" router collet
-Several Whiteside bits (Upcut 1/8", Up/Down 1/4", surfacing)
-Inventables solid carbide 2 flute straight end mill (9 out of 10 pack)
-Inventables fish tail, downcut spiral bit
-Amana solid carbide 30* engraving bit

I can email pictures/video to anyone that is interested. Located in NJ and would prefer to have it picked up rather than shipped. Asking $2800.

What size is unit? I’m just starting out as a hobbyist.

This is the original woodworker which has a 32"x32" cutting area.

Such as this:

Is this machine still available?

Yes it is still available.

Hi Jess, Thanks for responding. Are you in Canada or the US? Have you used the CNC? Why are you selling?

Hi John, I’m in the US (new jersey). I’m selling it mainly due to lack of time with young kids/work/school, it’s collecting dust unfortunately so I’d rather just move on from it. I have used the CNC though not a lot. If you want to shoot me an email I can send you pics/video of it.


What is the actual working size?