Onefinity Woodworker X-35 for sale

I think I did put the ad in the wrong spot earlier so here it is guys.

Onefinity Woodworker X-35 (Original) (32"x32" Cut Area) and Onefinity Controller, and Makita router. I thought for transitioning to the wood working business but seems so am so wrong as it is not easy I thought. I am a software developer and not really finding time for it at all so like to sell and will put $100 towards shipping. I am in Sherwood Park, Canada. bought it for USD 2250, shoot me an offer or trade.


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Can you calculate shipping for my zip
Thanks, Dan Cassidy

Hi, I paid $99.00 for shipping but I will check it about the box dimensions and weight stuff and let you know the shipping cost by tomorrow please.

Ok, let me know.

Still interested in shipping costs, and then your best price total for machine and all extras, shipping to 60450, and insurance for same.
If you have pics of machine setup, you can drnd to
Or text to 815-600-2756
Thanks again Dan

Hi Dan,

The shipping cost is USD 342.16 (three 45 lb boxes, each is 4’ x 10" x 13") and it may differ a bit when shipping based on the $ value on the given day.

There is one Makita router included, and will pay $100 towards shipping, This is the recommended router with this CNC, and recommended wireless game controller to move the router on the work area. The best price is USD 2000. If you like the price I will send the pictures and make something on it and create a video as well so you can see it is working.

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With $342 shipping and $100 towards that, you are saying total to me is $2242?
Cause I asked for total and you said $2000.
So, just clarify my total with shipping and insurance. Thanks
Does your X35 have the Stiffy(3rd rail).
Pics would be great.

Can you send pics?

Thanks, Dan

Is this still Available

Good afternoon is the woodworker x35 still for sale. If so, do you have some picutes. Thanks

Hi, it is available but I have someone asked days before and let me check with and then revert back. thanks

Hi Dan, I regret because of some personal reasons I was not able to check any messages at all. I have couple more guys asking for it but I wanted to ask you first that if you are still looking to buy and if so then I will get the total with insurance aswell.

Hi Mike, it is still available but I am talking to someone already but will let you know once I hear from him his final answer.

when i bought it I opted for stiffy and when received there was nothing marked as stiffy so I call the company and they said this “Since the Journeyman has the larger rail size of 50 mm, the stiffy option is not required as the rail is bigger and stronger than the X35 rail.” now I am even more confused, what exactly is stiffy. should I be asking for stiffy telling them I didnt buy Journeyman.

Hi. Have you sold this? I am a stone’s throw from you in east Edmonton.

Hi Brian, yes I still have it.

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I was just about to order one from 1F so I’m glad I contacted you. Can you email me pictures? When’s a good time for me to come by and look at it?

Mandy: Email me at


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Good morning, is the unit still available?

Hi, is it still available?

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