X-Y-Z Probe Question

So, trying to up my game with a 2-sided carve. I made an alignment frame to mount to the spoilboard, so that I can flip the piece over and carve side 2. In Vectric, I put the X-Y datum position at the top-right corner of the piece and attempted an X-Y-Z probe. The Z-probe part went well, but the spindle moved the wrong direction in the X axis. I wrongly assumed that the controller would take into account the position of the datum when doing the probe. Reviewing the 1F probe installation video, I now assume that the only place the probe works is the lower left corner. That’s where I wanted to put my new frame. Is there any way to change the orientation that the probe expects? My current plan is to mount the frame on the lower right, but this will interfere with probing small pieces, as the lower part of the frame might stick past the alignment corner of the work piece.
Thanks, Mike

Yep. No way to change it that I know of. If you want to retain your upper right origin you can just use a manual (paper technique) XY probe setting.

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I’ve had success probing upper left, upper right, lower right corners (X,Y) by placing a thicker block adjacent to and aligned with the corner of the part I want to probe and placing the probe on that


1-2-3 setup blocks work well too if you have them. The upper right corner might require a straightedge to get aligned,

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You could make a jig for the upper right corner, like this

Edit: It occured to me that if you had a probe block where the zero point would land exactly in the center you could use it to probe from any corner.

You could do create a jig for it, great thing about having a CNC - make all the jigs and fixtures you need

For the first year I had a woodshop people would ask what I build in my woodshop - the answer was the woodshop :wink:

So here’s what I wound up doing, and it seems to work very well. I made two corner fixtures (Hopefully the last time I’ll have to screw anything to my wasteboard!) The top one has slots that are about 8" long, so it can ride in any track on the machine bed. I’ve used this setup on a couple of projects (including my double-sided one) and there are no issues. If a blank is too small, I can stand it off the fixed frame with a couple of spacers to get the lower left corner exposed for the touch plate