X and Y position less than soft limit

I use V Carve with my X35 WW (and spindle). I’ve had no issues along the way that weren’t easily solved, often with help from the community. But this one has me stumped. I’m getting the dreaded “x and y position is less than minimum soft limit 0 mm”. The only variation in my protocol is that I’m using a DXF file that originated in Fusion 360. Is it possible that there is a hidden setting left over from 360 that needs to be changed?

FYI: The file has XY datum at lower left of the workpiece, and that’s where I set XY zero.

Hey Brian,

you have to probe the workpiece zero on your real workpiece at the same position it is in the 3D model. You say 3D model has workpiece zero on lower left corner, so the question is, do you probe at lower left of the real workpiece too?

Yup. Probed x and y manually at lower left. Probed z with block. I rarely use the block for xy

Edit: I went back and had a look at the material setup for the original file. It had an offset for both x and y. I removed that and recalculated the toolpaths. I have a feeling that was the problem. I’ll try to run it and let you know.

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And then you get an error that X and Y are “less than minimum soft limit”? In this case this means your file exceeds the XY workarea. If it says “less than soft limit 0 mm”, then your g-code program contains commands that want to go more to the left and more to the front than the machine can.

Check my Edit comment. I’m off to the shop to test it.

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