Y Axis binding at high speed

Hi. When I move in the Y direction at the fastest speed (100) it binds. I have to shut the machine down and manually move the z back to the home position. I’ve re-squared the machine a few times to make sure it’s square. This only happens when I move at the fastest speed and only in the Y direction.

Take the x gantry off and move y again… You may see one side not moving. This can be wiring or a ball screw/motor connection issue

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you almost found it! Check the FAQ section of this forum. Most answers are there:


Turns out it was the motor. Support team was awesome walking me through troubleshooting the issue! Sending me a new motor right away.

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I got my new motor today, however when I try to get the end cap off to remove the wire from the tube, it’s stuck of course. Any advice on how to loosen the end cap. I tried wd-40 but that didn’t work. I don’t want to break it of course but it just won’t budge

Does this help?
Access motor cable in tube

make sure you remove the bolts at the bottom of the foot for that rail. sometimes you can clip in the external wire into that inner tube plug clip and pull. If it’s still hard to get out, use something like a dowel rod to push it out from the back side after removing the motor.

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