Y Probe is a little robust

I am using the touch probe I purchased with my OF. Frequently when probing X,Y,Z when the routine has finished with Z and X without my intervention, the Y probing will move the puck. To my eye, the spindle isn’t traveling any faster than when probing X, but if I hold the puck in place with light pressure from my finger, I can definitely feel that the Y probing knocks a little harder against the puck than does the X probing. Any ideas??

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It could be that the bit edge is less conductive. Try a bit in the router upside down to do x and y

I’ve done several different 1/4 bits and the upside down trick as well, same result.

Mine hits with the same light touch so I think I would consult Support. Maybe there is a setting to adjust the force.

I think this explains why once the Y was off after probing on a project. I also observed Mitz holding his probe down while the machine switched to probe Y in his latest video. Maybe our resident probe master Charlie will chime in here.

I always hold mine down on both just to be sure.