Touch probe not working properly

Back story: Probe was working on both XYZ & Z axis’ . Had to get a replacement cord due to operator error (forgot to remove magnet before turning on router).

Current: got replacement cables and magnet, when setting up the probe for the XYZ , it will do the X & Z but when it tries the Y it will move the probe itself about 1 inch before an error message appears (probe not found), this only happens when searching for Y. I cleaned the female terminals on the unit as well as making sure the male plug is seated correctly.

Has this happened to anyone else

Yep, had that happen a few times. It’s a contact/continuity issue. Make sure your bit is clean ( I’ll often set a v bit upside down and use the shaft to get a zero), and your probes/base/etc are clean.

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That makes sense…makes me think there may be some sawdust in the collet that may be preventing a good connection.

Thanks sir


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Oh yeah, that’s a good point too. Every tool change, I take the nut off, collet out and at the least blow out the bore. Sometimes I’ll get a brush in there and blow out the bore too, it’s amazing how much dust can collect in a short time.