Touch Probe problems

Just got everything working on my 1F. (XYZ all travel, VFD spindle works, Joystick works, WI-Fi works) Ready to use touch probe to run first part.

Powered down. Plugged in the touch probe, Powered up. Positioned tool near probe block spot. Attached magnet to Collet. On touchscreen click Probe XYZ. Dialog box will not let me continue (greyed out). Only can cancel.

Also the WiFi stopped working with the touch probe hooked up. Tried steps above several times, same problem. Cannot get probe to work. (and lose wifi with it plugged in)

Any suggestions appreciated. Going to manually set zero for now.
Thanks, Bill

You need to lift up and touch the probe plate to the bit to verify it works before the continue button will become active. This is a safety measure for when you forget to attach the magnet to the collet.

The wifi issue is likely unrelated to the touch probe, there are many threads on here discussing the challenges with a wifi antenna inside a metal box. Many have implemented wifi repeaters near the Onefinity controller, others have used external wifi USB adapters and some really brave souls have used wired Ethernet (gasp!)

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Thanks. Lifting the block to the bit got it working. Now the wifi works too. probably not related but it’s good for now.