Yosemite topo map

I made these for my cousins that have a cabin in Yosemite. The file was on Thingiverse, eight hour carve time.


Wood type, bit(s), feeds/speeds?

Cool, of course the carve is nice, but The frame is really what makes it look professional, looks great!

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Walnut for the topo, maple for the rest. 1/4” end mill for rough on the topo. 1/16” tapered ball nose for the finish, 8% stopover, 200 ipm feed, 150 plunge. 60* v bit for the Yosemite np inlay. 1/16” end mill for the Seqouia House carve.


Thanks! The frame was probably the 4-5th design iteration. I knew that I wanted to do an inlay for the Yosemite NP and I wanted to do the Seqouia sign separately. Both added a fair bit of design and carving time. That coupled with the fact that I originally was only going to make one made the time frame of this project explode! And, since I’m well known for procrastinating I literally finished up the day before we left for Cali! I’d like to do another but I’ll probably pare down a couple details if I do.


What svg file did you use.

STL file? I found it on Thingiverse:


Yosemite National Park by gluetolf

](Yosemite National Park by gluetolf - Thingiverse)

Rich Stephens

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